Seven Medical Technology Companies that are Helping Humans to Live Longer

Curing people of disease is the Holy Grail of medical technologies but there are some that achieve an equally difficult task - they extend life in very sick people.

Below is an infographic of 10 companies that are helping people to live longer. The infographic compiled by an online site that helps people with undergraduate nursing degrees get a higher education, shows that of the 10, seven of these life-extending companies are those that make medical devices. They are:


SynCardia Systems

This company, with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, makes a temporary total artificial heart for patients who are waiting, sometimes as long as a year, before a heart transplant procedure can be performed on them.

It is the world's first and only FDA-approved total artificial heart. A 10-year clinical study that supported the FDA found that 79% percent of patients who were given the temporary heart lived long enough to receive the heart transplant.

Intuitive Surgical  

This Sunnyvale, California company makes the Da Vinci surgical robots and is for the most part a big success story in the world of medical devices. The laparoscopic robotic surgery devices can be manipulated remotely by a physician and because a robot is performing the procedure, patients suffer less pain, less blood loss and lowers the need for blood transfusions. People can also resume their normal routines sooner.

The devices can be used in a variety of surgical procedures including urology, cardiothoracic and gynecology among others.

Second Sight

Based in Sylmar, California, Second Sight makes prosthetic implantable eye devices for the blind. The Argus II Prosthesis Retinal System helps patients whose outer retina has degenerated to see better.

The device has a humanitarian device exemption from the FDA.

Envoy Medical

This company with headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, is all about improving hearing. It makes the Esteem implantable device hat helps to restore hearing. The company's device was approved by the FDA in 2010 and is aimed at people who experience moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.

General Electric

GE is a household name and is a well-known conglomerate known for making large medical devices such as MRI machines. But it has also developed the Vscan portable ultrasound device that is now being used in rural parts of the world where pregnant women don't have easy access to prenatal care. The company's healthcare division is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin


This Reykjavik, Iceland, company manufactures various prostheses including the intelligent Power Knee, the world's only motor powered knee for above knee amputees. The device is designed such that it takes less energy for amputees to move by restoring the power of the loss knees.

It also allows them to climb stairs, a simple task rendered near impossible for people who have lost their knees.

Harvard Bioscience

The company, based in Holliston, Massachusetts makes a variety of life science tools, which includes bioreactors. The company made the stem cell solution that covered an artificial trachea and helped that organ be seeded with the cells needed to create a functioning windpipe.

Here is the infographic by Best describing all 10 companies. 

10 Companies Helping Us Live Longer Lives
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By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI

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