Proteus Exec: We Are the Only Company To Integrate Sensors, Drugs, Mobile and Wearable Tech

The Proteus Ingestible Sensing Solution

Proteus Digital Health is redefining what remote patient monitoring means with the introduction of a pill that taken alongside a medication can tell physicians whether the patient has been adhering to the medication regimen at home or elsewhere. Earlier this week the company raised a whopping $120 million from new investors.

Improving clinical outcomes by making sure that physicians know remotely when patients haven't taken their medication and alerting them to take it is the overarching goal. Proteus' companion body worn patch also collects physiological data about the patient. The idea is that if a patient has missed a medication, then the circle of caregivers can alert the patient to get them back on track.

Todd Thompson, VP, Corporate Development, Proteus Digital Health

The company hopes to integrate its sensor pill and drugs into one so that patients won't have to take two pills in the future. The company's vice president of corporate development - Todd Thompson - will be a participant on a panel about the journey of remote patient monitoring at the MD&M East Conference & Expo, June 12, in New York City. Thompson answered some broad questions about RPM and Proteus' potential in the field via email recently. 

Is cloud infrastructure and ubiquitous wireless availability the biggest reason for remote patient monitoring achieving its potential in the next few years? After all, RPM is not new.

We are seeing the evolution of a new healthcare system built around the mobile phone in everyone’s pocket. So, mobile computing is the catalyst. Previous efforts were limited to the capabilities of the device and infrastructure. Ubiquitous wireless availability, combined with the rich data already collected by your smart phone, will significantly advance this industry.

How much of the success of RPM is dependent on patient engagement and participation?

Patient engagement is the single most important factor in delivering a successful remote patient-monitoring product. Monitoring is not the objective of products in this space, it is the means for engagement. By measuring daily patterns and health related decisions, patients become more engaged in their health outcomes. Consumers are already integrating connected devices through all aspects of their lives; we see engaging with RPM devices as a natural extension.

 What role will Proteus Digital Health play in this field RPM?

Proteus is the only company with the unique capabilities to build a platform that integrates medicines with ingestible [sensors], wearable [tech], mobile and cloud computing.

What can it achieve that other RPM companies cannot?

The Proteus Ingestible Sensing Solution is the only product that can conclusively indicate that a medication has been taken without direct, human observation. The system also integrates alerts and sharing functions that help the consumer to build a safety net of support and communication surrounding daily activity and medication taking patterns with their caregiving community.

 [Image Credit: Proteus Digital Health]

-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI


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