Prize-Winning Pigs and...Pacemakers?

Fairs are an opportunity for states to show off everything that makes them great—from funky foods to the fruits of their farmers' labor. Minnesota is known as a center for medtech innovation, so it's appropriate that medical devices are making an appearance at its state fair.

The University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center will be on hand today to show off the innovative work it's doing. Along with the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute and the Visible Heart Lab, the center will exhibit rapid prototyped parts and devices, and allow fairgoers to check out body part models and visible heart demonstrations. At 5 p.m., they take their show to the big time with an on-stage presentation. 

U of M exhibits also include a telemedicine stand and a booth by the school's department of integrative biology and physiology, where patrons can get an EKG.


Jamie Hartford is the associate editor of MD+DI. Follow her on Twitter @readMED.