Medical Device Offers Alternative to Liposuction...and a Middle Finger to FDA

The LipoTron 3000.
Image copyright: RevecoMED 

The LipoTron 3000, also known as the Lipo-Ex, is major innovation in cosmetic surgery. The non-intrusive device passes radiowaves through the skin; heating and destroying fat cells in the body. RevecoMED, the company that produces the LipoTron, has successfully sold it to hundreds of medical spas in the U.S. To the tune of $85'000 per device. Liposuction scars can be ugly. So a device that can be just as effective without puncturing or damaging the skin should be a huge hit, right?

There's just one problem with the LipoTron: It hasn't been approved by FDA. Even after attempts to move the product forward via 510(k) and later by reclassifying the device as a massager, RevecoMED has not suceeded in getting the device FDA approved. The lack of approval, however, hasn't stopped Reveco from marketing and selling the LipoTron for the past two years and, more troubling, it hasn't sparked the FDA to take any enforcement action against the company.
In a report by MSNBC, two whistleblowers who sold the device for RevecoMED and brought this situation to light, have expressed their disappointment that FDA hasn't acted more strongly. It seems the company was able to stave off concerns from salespeople, doctors, and patients by continually promising that FDA approval was imminent. The company has since revised the language on its Web site to no longer imply FDA approval, but MSNBC reports that some medical spas still falsely state that the LipoTron is FDA approved.
While the device appears relatively safe, with only “scattered incidents of patients receiving minor shocks and burns...” reported, the troubling concern here is how easily a company has been able to put a potentially hazardous device out on the mass market without FDA approval and then, once discovered, seem to have entirely skirted FDA scrutiny and consequences. Setting aside ignorance on the part of marketers and customers, shouldn't FDA be doing a better job of policing what is essentially a black market device? Particulary with the medical device user fee signed into law, perhaps government should be looking less into how to speed up FDA approvals and more into how to regulate devices that bypass the process entirely. RevecoMED did the right thing and at least tried to go for FDA approval. But one can't help but wonder how many unscrupulous device makers are out there who have bypassed FDA entirely and are marketing their products to doctors and patients.
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-Chris Wiltz is the Assistant Editor at MD+DI
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Lipotron aka Lipo-EX -- Update

Thursday 4Sept2014

The manufacturer of the Lipotron *aka Lipo-EX) has been shut down and the distributor closed down and in bankruptcy because of FDA warning letters and ongoing investigations by state and federal agencies. Yes, the investigations are still open and ongoing.

Many medical practices and aesthetic spas have closed down or discontinued use of this device because of these investigations and some even sanctioned by their medical boards. Many are in litigation over the financial adversity caused by these illegal activities.

But there are still a few unwise or clueless medical entities and aesthetic spas using the device. It remains to be seen what happens to them when the bankruptcy concludes and news of the many law suits spreads.