MD&M West Products Roundup

With the MD&M West show only days away, we wanted to present a preview of some of the many products and exhbitors that you'll be seeing at the show.



Swiss Productions Inc. Manufactures Machined Fluidic Components
A company manufactures screw-machined parts for fluidic systems. Machining components from plastic or metal in prototype quantities to long runs, the company operates a facility equipped with more than 50 screw machines sized to produce components ranging in size from 2.5 in. in diameter down to syringe tips just 0.019 in. in diameter. 

A lactide-based bioabsorbable polymer is part of a company’s suite of proprietary customized polymers.



Valtronic Expands Electronic Manufacturing Capability

With recently added manufacturing capacity, an electronic manufacturing services provider offers medical device industry customers expanded capabilities in surface-mount (SMT) manufacturing, assembly, and testing. 


Marshall Manufacturing Offers Precision Wire and Tube Bending 

A medical manufacturing partner that prioritizes prototyping and the use of custom tooling for material machining and forming offers services in automated and robotic precision wire and tube bending. 


Herrmann Ultrasonics Releases Ultrasonic Punching and Welding Machine)

An ultrasonic punching and weld-sealing machine has been designed to save medical device manufacturers material and steps in the production of plastic components with integrated filter membranes.



Synthetic Latex by Kraton Performance Polymers 
A synthetic latex alternative to natural rubber for surgical gloves, medical bandages, catheters, tube connectors, and other applications requiring high levels of purity, user protection and comfort, and product quality, exhibits the high tensile strength and tear resistance of natural rubber without the impurities that cause discoloration, odor, and allergic reactions.


Measurement Specialties TSYS01 Digital Temperature Sensor
A digital temperature sensor is easily embedded in many electronic systems and encapsulates a temperature sensing chip and a 24-bit analog-to-digital convertor in a QFN16 package. 





Filter Vents from Donaldson Company 


A company provides filter vents made with proprietary Tetratex expanded-PTFE membranes for a variety of medical device applications, such as devices requiring acoustic and protective vents, drainage bags, IV-administration sets, ostomy bags, urine bags, and device packaging.



Conductive Compounds' Conductive Pad-Printing Ink 

Silver conductive ink for pad-printing high-definition fine-line traces in hard-to-print areas of electronic medical devices is offered to give design engineers flexibility in creating circuits.




Aergo 1M Heat-Sealing Machine from Sonoco Alloyd 

Designed to support medical device packaging productivity in short-run production and laboratory and resealing applications, the Aergo 1M one-station heat-sealing machine has a single manually operated nesting tray that slides out for loading and in for sealing and offers a sealing area measuring 12 × 18.5 in. 




Precision Tool and Die Offers Product Design Services 

Specializing in product design, a company focuses on creating practical device solutions that take into account the client’s requirements for production speed, efficiency, and economics.