MD&M Minneapolis: An Agenda Toward Innovation

An interview with Gaurav Jain, research manager, Medtronic

MD&M Minneapolis will be held October 30-November 2012, gathering individuals from many of the leading OEMs, suppliers, service providers, and innovators in medical technology. In addition to exciting networking opportunity and access to service providers, key to the conference are the three days' worth of sessions covering a variety of topics in regulations and compliance, quality and risk management, design and manufacturing principles, and innovations in technology. Each of these sessions will feature, and be chaired,by, some of the foremost leaders in the industry.

Gaurav Jain, Senior Research Manager, Medtronic

Among these is Gaurav Jain, research manager at Medtronic. Jain has worked with Medtronic's energy and components center for seven years. In his current role as manager of the battery research and technology group Jain develops battery technologies for Medtronic's implantable medical devices. “We talk to our internal device design teams, physician customers, and other stakeholders to understand what technologies and performance characteristics are likely to be important in devices in the next 3-7 years.” Jain says. “We are constantly working on developing and evaluating new battery chemistries to meet emerging needs. A strong area of focus for our group is doing early reliability assessment of technologies through extensive characterization and predictive modeling.”

Jain will be chairing a session, “Power Source Technologies in Medical Devices.” The session will cover well-established primary and rechargeable battery technologies and well as emerging areas such as energy harvesting, wherein energy that may otherwise be lost as heat, light, or sound can be captured (using piezoelectric materials for example), stored, and used. Attendees will find this area particularly exciting as the technology relates to growing interest in wireless sensors and wearable medical devices. “The attendees for this session will get a good overview of current and emerging power sources technologies suitable for medical applications. They will also learn [about] some of the industry’s practices, and FDA’s expectations for battery testing and evaluation,” Jain says. “The first half is focused more on innovation in design through new technologies and the second half is innovation in testing and evaluation.”

Jain is quick to point out that his session will be only a part of what MD&M Minneapolis has to offer. “[It's] a very good opportunity to find new vendors, learn ideas to solve current issues, [and] become aware of new developments pertaining to our industry. Also, in general, I think conferences are an opportunity for us to break away from our day-to-day work, and by observing, listening and through interactions with other people broaden our horizons to come up better solutions to meet patient needs.”

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-Chris Wiltz is the Assistant Editor of MD&DI