MD+DI's Most Popular Stories of 2013


MD+DI takes a look back at the our most popular stories from 2013. Catch up on some of the big stories you may have missed.


Futurist Thomas Frey predicted that, by 2030, 2 billion jobs will be lost to automation. Here's one technology that could very much be responsible for this in the manufacturing sector.


Device labeling and human factors issues cost one woman her husband.

MD&M West, Feb. 10-13, 2014. 
Discover the latest solutions and trends in the medical device industry 
In the largest study of its kind, a report from MD+DI and ITG Market Research finds that 30 % of medical device companies think outsourcing is essential. But the priorities of OEMs will shift. 

The year opened with two corporate mega-mergers. The device industry may be poised for the same in by 2015.

MD+DI's editor's pick the pople who have changed the landscape of the medtech industry – for better or worse.

VC investment in medical devices has been declining but there are still several firms investing in early-stage and seed-stage companies.


How E-patient advocate Hugo Campos won the right to his device data thanks to Twitter.


Would you build and implant your own medical device? Some people already have. And they wish you'd lighten up about it. 

Harvard Medical School assistant clinical professor Perry Rosenthal wants FDA to take more action to protect LASIK patients against potentially deadly complications.

The line between patient and consumer is blurring. And some consumer-oriented companies are throwing their hat into the healthcare space.

-Chris Wiltz, Associate Editor, MD+DI


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