Beyond Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality Applications in Healthcare

Pokémon Go is introducing augmented reality gaming to the masses, but the technology behind the game also has more serious applications in the realm of medtech.


If you see people walking around acting bizarrely while staring at their smartphones, don't be alarmed—they're probably just hunting Pokémon, fictional creatures from a Japanese video game. 

Earlier this month, the Nintendo-owned media franchise launched Pokémon Goa free augmented reality game for iOS and Android users in the United States. The app harnesses a phone's GPS to inform players of a Pokémon's location and uses the device's camera to combine characters from the game with scenes from the real world. And in case you haven't noticed, the game is taking the country by storm. According to the site TechCrunch, it has more daily users than Twitter and has topped Facebook in terms of engagement.

But while Pokémon Go has proved that augmented reality can be a fun distraction, some of the most exciting applications of this technology can be seen in the healthcare space. Here are eight to check out.

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