The Best (and Worst) Thing About Medtech Jobs—An MD+DI Salary Survey Guide

You are the pulse of the Medtech Industry, dear reader. That truth is driven home every December when MD+DI publishes the annual salary survey. This year was a change from the usually upbeat results, and it's not surprising. We're seeing higher levels of dissatisfaction than ever before. Our experts say it's the economy in general, the meager state of start-ups, and perhaps a feeling that positions are simply more precarious. 

It's not about the money, Mir Imran recently told editor Brian Buntz, particularly in the medical device industry.

But it is about how you feel about what you do, because, "When you boil it down to its core, we spend about 40% of our time at our jobs and, according to one expert, about 70% of our time thinking about our jobs. So we darn sure better be happy doing what we’re doing." says Rich Nass, who wrote the salary survey analysis.

So take a look at our salary survey, calculate your approximate salary, and let us know the best and worst things about your job.


Salary Survey: Medtech Employees Can't Get No Satisfaction

Salary Survey Tables



Heather Thompson