5 Digital Health Solutions for a Global Market

The term "digital health" usually brings to mind high tech wearables or software from Silicon Valley but there's a big world of healthcare hurdles out there. Here are five companies bringing digital health solutions to countries outside the United States.

The potential benefits of digital health for patients in the United States are meaningful: earlier disease detection, better disease management, and overall improved care. 

But in other parts of the world, digital health may be more than a way to improve upon the current healthcare system. As the authors of an August 2016 PwC report, "The Digital Healthcare Leap," write,

"Improving healthcare access and quality is becoming a priority in emerging markets. However, these countries have significant strain on their health systems. Digitisation of health services, if done in a different model, can help to improve the quality of and access to care while reducing costs."

Read on to learn about five companies that are enabling digital health care in emerging markets.


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