3-D Imaging Comes Out of the SciFi Fog

In many scifi movies, doctors looking at images are able to see visual element in 3-D. I mean real 3-D—as in, you can walk around it and see it from various angles. Even better, the futuristic images can often be manipulated through various hand gestures.

Masataka Imura and a team of engineers from Osaka University (Japan) have made fiction into reality. The team has developed a display and demonstrate it in this video with the image of a rabbit. Users can interact with the image, which is projected from 3 cameras into a foggy mist designed to make the light visible. Such devices could be used for diagnostic imaging. Click on the bunny to go to a video demonstration of the technology.

I assume my time machine (paradox free, of course), is on the horizon. Also, can't wait for my laser stunner.

Heather Thompson