Why Physicians are Ditching Your EHR System

Posted in Medical Software by Jamie Hartford on October 23, 2013

Almost one-third of physicians say they’re considering swtiching to a different electronic health record system, according to a survey. So what are vendors doing wrong?


More than 291,000 physicians have received incentive payments from the federal government for implementation of electronic health records, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But a recent survey by Software Advice found that almost one-third of medical providers are considering replacing the EHR systems they currently use. That’s up from just about one in five three years ago.

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So why are so many physicians looking to change the EHR vendors? There are a number of reasons, according to the survey, but first and foremost is simply dissatisfaction with the product, which 60% of respondents said is why they’re looking to switch. More than one-quarter of those said the system they currently use lacks key features. Respondents also said they are dissatisfied with their vendors because of hardware failure, billing issues, poor templates or architecture, and because the systems they use are too generic or too complex.

Other reasons physicians said they are looking to switch EHRs include the following:

  • They want a fully integrated system.
  • The system they currently use is old or unsupported.
  • Cost implications.
  • To meet compliance or meaningful use standards.
  • They want to see what else is out there.
  • They have received poor customer service.
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Jamie Hartford, managing editor, MD+DI

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