Voice Coil Stage Can Be Mounted Horizontally or Vertically

Posted by tblair on May 19, 2011

A high-speed, high-force voice coil stage is a self-contained, compact motion control component that can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a variety of micropositioning applications. The VCS-2020 is a cross-roller stage that provides submicron positioning resolution. Resolution capability is better than 300 nm. Its integrated analog position feedback sensor ensures 100-nm repeatability. The device features a travel of 20 mm (0.7874 in.) and a 20-mm-diameter aperture. Measuring 4.60 × 2.96 × 3.18 in., the low-mass component comprises a high-precision, low-inertia cross-roller stage, voice coil actuator, analog position sensor, servo amplifier, and servo controller. It is rated at 4 lb of continuous force and 16 lb of peak force for 10 seconds and is cleanroom compatible. Multiple sets of mounting holes facilitate integration into new and existing applications.

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