Victrex - Composite Fabric

Posted in Medical Materials - Raw Materials by Chris Wiltz on July 9, 2012

A manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones for medical OEMs has co-developed a composite fabric with a 65% fiber content. These TIXPREF composite fabrics assist customers in drastically reducing the cycle time, up to 50% (and even more for thin walled parts), required for press forming of the fabrics into composite parts. Being thermoplastic in nature, the TIXPREF fabrics have a higher damage tolerance when compared to thermoset-based fabrics, high fatigue strength and stiffness, and excellent integration of the fiber with the matrix, resulting in a longer lifetime for the composite part, plus a reduction in its structural weight. The fabrics are easy and safe to handle, thus well suited for automated processes and out-of-autoclave manufacturing methods.

Victrex Polymer Solutions
West Conshohocken, PA

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