Star Suppliers: 2004 MDEA-Winning Contributors

Posted by mddiadmin on July 1, 2004

Originally Published MX July/August 2004


The winning medical technology companies in the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition often owe a large part of their success to the suppliers and designers who expertly assisted them along their development path.

In fact, without the help of outsourcing firms—with services including raw- materials supply, product design and prototyping, finished assembly and packaging—many innovative products might never come to fruition.

The MDEA competition acknowledges the contributions of named suppliers through a special program designed especially to honor the companies that support MDEA-winning products. These suppliers earn the exclusive right to use and display the unique MDEA supplier logo in their promotional materials and exhibit booths. The following guide provides contact information for the 97 named suppliers to 2004 MDEA-winning products.

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