A Solid Foundation

Posted by mddiadmin on November 1, 2001

Originally Published MX November/December


tragic events of September 11 have left their mark throughout the world. Market
watchers have looked on with dismay as already-weak sectors have dwindled, while
analysts have begun the search for an industry with enough strength to lead
the world's economies back from the depths.

In such a climate
one might expect that the medtech industry, with its heavy dependence on venture-backed
entrepreneurial companies, would be suffering. While no one is making a bundle
in today's market, some medtech companies are succeeding despite the challenges.

According to VentureOne
(San Francisco), market support for initial public offerings (IPOs) has continued
to decline throughout 2001. In the second quarter of the year there were only
four IPOs, raising a total of $271 million; in the third quarter, the same number
of IPOs raised only $245 million. What is more remarkable, however, is that
three of the third-quarter IPOs involved companies in the healthcare sector,
including bio-orthopedic manufacturer Wright Medical Group Inc. (Arlington,

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