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Posted in MDDI by Jamie Hartford on June 5, 2014

MD+DI is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and we're asking readers to help us celebrate by sharing memories or photos from their years in medtech. 

MD+DI is gearing up for the brand’s 35th anniversary in July, and we’re asking our readers to help us celebrate.

Join in the fun by sending us your medtech mementos—photos of teams you’ve worked with or medtech-related events you’ve attended over the past three-and-a-half decades—or simply sharing a memory of a project you worked on or success you had over the years.

You can tweet photos @mddionline with the hashtag #medtechmemories, e-mail your submission to (please use “Medtech Memories” in the subject line), or share your memories in the comments below.

Be sure to include your name and the year, plus a brief description of what’s going on in any photos. We’ll print our favorites, so only share something you’d like your colleagues to see.

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