Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Finalists Announced (CloudDX)

Posted in Mobile Health by MDDI Staff on August 27, 2014


Location: Toronto, Canada

Team Leader: Sonny Kohli, a physician at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine at McMaster University.

Solution: CloudDX's parent company Biosign has developed the Vitaliti necklace and wrist cuff that are capable of
recording four channels of data: pulse wave, 2-lead ECG, pulse oxygen and temperature. Proprietary cloud-based algorithms are used to harness thse data streams to measure 11 physiological parameters including blood pressure, pulse rate, 
respiration rate, heart arrhythmia detection and characterization, blood oxygen saturation and body temperature, among other things. 

All results are viewable on a tablet and the data is stored in the cloud. The technology is in part based on Biosign's FDA-cleared Pulsewave technology.

Vitaliti Prototype



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