Press slide granulators designed for extrusion and blow molding.

Posted by mddiadmin on October 1, 2001

A line
of press slide granulators is custom designed for a variety of extrusion and
blow-molding processes. Hosokawa Polymer Systems (Berlin, CT; 860/828-0541)
offers a complete set of options for configuring its press slide granulators
for use in extrusion and blow-molding processes. The machines are useful in
a number of different plastics regrind applications, including extruded profiles,
thick and thin sheet, film, and blow-molded bottles. The granulators' options
include side-feed chutes for accepting extruded profiles, front-mounted sheet-feed
hoppers, roll-feed assemblies for thick sheet and film, venturi systems for
sending rejected blow-molded bottles into the granulator, and evacuation systems
with blower/cyclone units for continuous volume applications. The four standard
granulator sizes offered range from the Model 68, which has a 6 x 8-in. throat
size at chamber entrance and a 250 lb/hr throughput, to the Model 1120, which
features an 11 x 20-in. throat size and a 460 lb/hr throughput. The granulators
stand upright for versatility and convenience. All come standard with a triple-ply
laminate for quiet performance. Soundproofed models are available; they reduce
noise levels to below 80 dbA.

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