Planning Medtech Meetings and Retreats

Posted by mddiadmin on March 1, 2004

Originally Published MX March/April 2004


Effective planning can make or break a meeting's success—and determine a company's return on investment.

Courtney Harris

For medical technology companies today, planning meetings can lead to a Rubik's cube of options. Whether the meeting is intended for a sales force, senior management team, or a medical advisory board, selecting a site, managing travel logistics, and determining an agenda can amount to a complicated task. And because meetings typically encompass a sizable portion of a company's budget, their level of organization and resulting success can be crucial.

This article will outline the intricacies of meeting planning, from setting an objective and choosing a planner to locating a site and deciding on an incentive. For medtech executives, careful meeting planning can be an essential step toward product sales and revenue growth.

Meeting Goals

Meeting attendees can white-water raft at Copper Mountain Resort.

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Photo courtesy Copper Mountain Resort

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