Out with the Old, In with the New: MD&DI's New Look for 2003

Posted by mddiadmin on January 1, 2003

Originally Published MDDI January 2003


By the time you read this page, you will have probably noticed something different about this month's issue of MD&DI. For the first time since 1997, the magazine has been completely redesigned. Even the magazine's logo, untouched since 1988, has been revamped.

Magazines must change with the times and the needs of their readers, and MD&DI is no exception. Take, for instance, the new logo. For years, readers have referred to the magazine by the abbreviation MD&DI, rather than the comprehensive but cumbersome Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry. The change reflects MD&DI's well-established role as the most familiar and accessible source of information for the industry.

Inside, the magazine has a whole new look as well. All the typefaces have been replaced. The increased readability that results from these design changes is further enhanced by a bigger page size and wider margins.

The changes within MD&DI are more than skin deep, however. In this issue, we unveil several new monthly columns. Regulatory Outlook will feature short articles on timely regulatory subjects by recognized experts in the field. Product Development Insights will offer useful tools and advice for engineers, project managers, and others involved in product development efforts. And the last page of every issue will feature Market Snapshot. Based on our annual Industry Snapshot feature in the December issue, this page will bring together key data about different market sectors in the device industry.

The enhancements to MD&DI extend beyond the printed page. Beginning with this issue, we will be making greater use of MD&DI's pages on the Medical Device Link Web site to expand the dialogue between editors, authors, and readers.

One way we will do this is with our new Author Forums. The authors of selected articles will agree to entertain on-line questions and comments from readers for one-week periods. The time frame for each participating author is indicated at the end of each article. To locate and take part in the forums, visit and click on the Author Forums link.

Another way MD&DI will extend its mission into the Internet will be through twice-monthly e-mail newsletters. These will include recaps of recent industry news, previews of upcoming articles, exclusive interviews with authors and newsmakers, and insights into business and regulatory issues. Subscribers who have already provided us with their e-mail addresses will automatically receive the newsletters (along with instructions on how to opt-out of future mailings, if desired). If you haven't given us an e-mail address, or if it has changed, you can sign up for the newsletters at

Just as the Internet is revolutionizing the way readers interact with authors, so it is transforming the way they reach advertisers. In response to expectations of speed and immediacy, we have eliminated reader service numbers from ads and product reports alike. In their place, we have listed Web addresses or other direct-contact information in the index to advertisers and at the end of each product report.

Look for further refinements throughout the year. We welcome your feedback, and will be incorporating it into future issues. Like the industry it serves, MD&DI is committed to continuous improvement.

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