Nonfusion Technologies

Posted by mddiadmin on January 1, 2005

Originally Published MX January/February 2005


The spine segment is characterized by a high degree of technological and product innovation. Orthopedic spine and neurosurgeons actively seek patient treatment alternatives and employ different technologies during different stages of the patient care continuum. As described below, seven types of spine arthroplasty and nonfusion technology are currently available.

Total Disk Replacement. TDRs were designed primarily as a treatment alternative for patients with later-stage degenerative disk disease. The treatment involves removing the patient's natural disk, which some believe to be the pain generator, and replacing it with a mechanical device that to varying degrees mimics the natural motions and biomechanics of the natural disk. DePuy Spine's FDA-approved Charité TDR and all others that are in advanced stages of FDA clinical study are mechanical, employing commonly used orthopedic materials. Medtronic Sofamor Danek's Bryan cervical disk employs novel biomaterials in order to achieve axial compliance.

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