Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - Sensible Baby

Posted in Mobile Health by Chris Wiltz on March 12, 2014

  Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - Sensible Baby

 Sensible Baby

Somervilla,MA -based Sensible Baby calls its SmartOne wearable monitor a “baby monitor for the 21st Century.” The monitor, which clips onto a baby's clothes, detects ambient temperature, posture, movement, and breathing, and wirelessly sends updates to a parent's smartphone. Parents can remotely check on their child's orientation while sleeping and be notified of rollovers, for example.
In addition to the device itself, Sensible Baby will also offer an online subscription-based service. “We believe there's uncaptured information around your child and the behavior of your child that can be used to a parent's advantage,” company CEO Ben Cooper told the SXSW judges. “We see [SmartOne] as being able to unlock all of this data and information and being able to correlate that with different events.” SmartOne will be able to look at data over time and offer predictive metrics. For instance a text message from SmartOne's app might predict 45 minutes of additional sleep time if the child is fed in the next 15 minutes.
SmartOne will be sold as a direct-to-consumer product and go on sale sometime in Q2 2014. Sensible Baby is also enrolling beta testers for the product.
The four-person company was among the top three in the category and received the SXSW Accelerator's Bootstrap Award, which is given to the company which has achieved the most thus far with the fewest resources.

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