Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - Kinsa

Posted in Mobile Health by Chris Wiltz on March 12, 2014

 Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - Kinsa


“We have revolutionized the world's most common medical device,” Kinsa founder and CEO Inder Singh told SXSW. The New York-based company has created a smart thermometer that goes steps beyond the mercury or digital thermometer in your medicine cabinet by attaching to an IOs or Android smartphone via the headphone jack.
The Kinsa thermometer doesn't have an internal battery, processor, or LED, and instead piggybacks entirely on the smartphone, relying on it for power and to deliver information through an accompanying app. The Kinsa, which is targeted primarily at mothers, is FDA-approved for both oral and rectal use and engages children through its smartphone app to reduce fidgeting. Singh said his company has “no one that is a true competitor” and looks at companies providing similar technology as collaborators as patients and companies look to collect more healthcare data. “Temperature is the first indicator,” he said. “And we believed we had to create a truly transformational product.”
Kinsa was chosen as one of the top three its SXSW Accelerator category. The Kinsa smart thermometer is currently available for pre-order at a $19.99 price aimed at competing with traditional digital thermometers.

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