Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - ActiveProtective

Posted in Mobile Health by Chris Wiltz on March 12, 2014

  Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - ActiveProtective


Allentown, PA-based ActiveProtective want to keep the elderly safe from falls. The company produces 'smart garments' – wearable underwear that contain 3-D motion sensors capable of detecting falls. Should a fall occur, micro-airbags embedded within the garment inflate to cushion the fall.
ActiveProtective is targeting its technology at the elderly to prevent hip fractures and other fall-related injuries. Company CEO Drew Lakatos said the garments have been shown to reduce the impact force of falls by up to 90%. The garments come as a underwear for men and a slip-like garment for women. Lakatos describes the garment as being deliberately designed to look “common, ordinary, and boring” in order to overcome stigma and denial in patients who may not feel they are at risk.
The company expects to begin research trials for its products in June 2014.


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