MedTech Winners of 2013: The Cloud

Posted in Medical Computing by Shana Leonard on December 13, 2013

                 The Cloud 

The Cloud
The only buzzword that perhaps rivaled 3-D printing in 2013 was the cloud. The big network in the sky solidified its spot in the social lexicon this year as the Average Joe managed to work the term into casual conversation. In the healthcare realm, the cloud has emerged as a pivotal piece of the healthcare puzzle as connectivity and storage will facilitate the data-driven digital health revolution on the horizon. In October, for example, Verizon introduced the cloud-based Converged Health Management solution for remote patient monitoring. "The Converged Health Management solution enables patients to use biometric devices to take health information such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, glucose levels and weight from home or on the go," according to a press release. "Patient data is then automatically transmitted through a wireless connection to a secure server that resides in Verizon’s HIPAA-ready cloud for analysis and intervention by the patient’s clinician, including a reward system that incents patients to make healthier lifestyle choices. Patients can access this information and find personalized health-enhancing suggestions via the Converged Health Management smartphone app or Web portal." Of course, there are still stumbling blocks with which industry has to contend to make the mHealth cloud successful, including sharability and transferability; the relevance of the data; and personalization.

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