MedTech Winners of 2013: Boston Scientific

Posted in Implantable Devices by Shana Leonard on December 13, 2013

                 Boston Scientific Watchman

Boston Scientific
Despite handing out pink slips like they were take-out menus this year, Boston Scientific managed to take effective steps toward righting a ship that had steered off course. During the Q2 earnings call in July, Boston Scientific surprised investors by showing a profit in the face of declining sales in addition to the first organic sales growth quarter since Q3 of 2009. Furthermore, Glenn Novarro, managing director, medical supplies and devices, at RBC Capital Markets, predicted in September that the medtech giant's revitalization could continue with a strong pipeline with the potential to deliver in the area of $1.3 billion in the next five years. Three months later, Novarro went so far as to select Boston Scientific as his pick for the winner of 2013. "[The company] delivered positive revenue growth sooner than expected; [its] pipeline continues to progress without setbacks." The company received some year-end good news as well in the form of a favorable FDA panel review of the Watchman left atrial appendage closure device in December.


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