MedTech Winners of 2013: 3-D Printing

Posted in Printing Equipment and Supplies by Shana Leonard on December 13, 2013

                  3-D printed ear

3-D Printing
Few technologies were in the spotlight quite as much as 3-D printing in 2013. During the past 12 months, 3-D printing's status was seemingly elevated from a technology to watch to manufacturing miracle. One impressive research breakthrough after another was heralded as a feat made possible by additive manufacturing. Although controversy arose from the 3-D printing of a gun, advances in medtech generally represented eye-opening innovation for a new era of medtech that aims to enhance the quality of life for a range of potential patients. Researchers have demonstrated the ability to 3-D print an extensive array of medical products, including bone implants and scaffolds, ear implants, organs and tissue, and prosthetics and exoskeletons. The technology is allowing creative researchers to break through barriers and realize medical devices that sound like they're plucked straight from a sci-fi flick.


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