Medtech in an Election Year Digital Edition

Posted by Jamie Hartford on October 31, 2012

Before you head to the polls, read up on the issues that matter to the medical device industry.

The 2012 election is of special importance to the medical device industry. At stake is everything from the future of the Affordable Care Act (and the fate of the medical device tax) to the progress (or lack thereof) made at FDA. 

To help our readers make an informed choice at the polls, MD+DI's editors have put together a special digital edition focusing on issues of importance to the medtech industry. The digital edition covers topics including the medical device tax and regulatory reform. It also features a slideshow of key races that could impact the industry and includes a feature story about what issues medtech voters should be paying attention to at the polls.

Click here to access MD+DI's "Medtech in and Election Year" digital edition on your computer or mobile device.

Happy voting!



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Devices Technology

I think the medical devices technologies can be used in other parts of the industry. There has been many companies that got involved with the local businesses and schools to share technology ideas and find new ways to use them. During the election season it would be good to see politician see these benefits and encourage them.

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