Medical Equipment Leasing Growth Driven by IT, Outpatient Systems

Posted by mddiadmin on January 1, 2006

Originally Published MX January/February 2006


The U.S. healthcare equipment leasing market is expected to grow to more than $8 billion by 2007 in terms of annual new business, according to a study released by the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA; Arlington, VA). Growth in the leasing market will be led by information technology systems and outpatient care equipment, according to the study.

The ELA study, Healthcare Equipment Leasing: U.S. Market Dynamics and Outlook 2005–2006, was one of two reports on healthcare leasing released concurrently. The second study, Long-Term Trends in Healthcare: Implications for the Leasing Industry, was released by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation (Arlington, VA), a nonprofit organization that promotes the equipment leasing industry. Its report provides an overview of trends in the healthcare industry, an analysis of leasing transactions, and implications for leasing and finance organizations.


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