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Posted by Heather Thompson on April 12, 2012

A Medical Design Roundtable with Ed Checkan, Craig Friedman, Stuart Karten, and Steve Wilcox

Edward G. Chekan, MD, FACS
Craig D. Friedman, MD, FACS
Stuart Karten
Stephen B. Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA



A definition of innovation could be solving a problem. Taking it a step further, you could say it means responding to the needs of marketplace. And most people agree that the needs of a medtech marketplace are moving targets.

The Medical Design Excellence Awards finalists exemplify the design genius that can come out of a tough challenge. Hospitals have been saying they need less expensive, and more portable designs. And this year, finalists delivered, said several judges of the MDEA program.

In this medical design roundtable, Ed Checkan, Craig Friedman, Stuart Karten, and Steve Wilcox discuss the design challenges and opportunities facing medical device companies.

Listen to Design Experts Roundtable podcast.


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