MDEA 2014 Finalists: General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products

Posted in Design Services by Chris Wiltz on April 1, 2014

 MDEA 2014 Finalists: General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products 

General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products 


IsoGel AIR | LuViva | MetaNeb | MuV | RENASYS Soft PortSmartSite VialShield


IsoGel AIR therapeutic support surface. Manufactured and submitted by Stryker Medical (Portage, MI). IsoGel AIR assists in managing pressure, shear, and microclimate through its unique cover and open-column design that results in low air loss through its proprietary gel. Supply and design credit to Hilco Technologies (Grand Rapids, MI), Dartex Coatings Ltd. (Acton Close Nottingham, Nottingham, UK), and Tridien Medical (Corona, CA).



LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan point-of-care, noninvasive cervical disease detection device. Manufactured by Guided Therapeutics Inc. (Norcross, GA). Entry submitted by Big Bang (Decatur, GA). LuViva is a test for early detection of the disease that leads to cervical cancer. It does not require a tissue sample. The test provides an immediate and objective result at the point of care, reducing false-positive and false-negative results. Supply and design credit to Big Bang (Decatur, GA), Seaway Plastics Engineering (Port Richie, FL), Gupta Permold Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA), and Herman Miller Inc. (Zeeland, MI)
MetaNeb system. Manufactured and submitted by Hill-Rom Services Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). MetaNeb is indicated for mobilization of secretions, lung expansion therapy, and treatment and prevention of pulmonary atelectasis. It can also provide supplemental oxygen when used with compressed oxygen.


MuV patient transfer system. Manufactured by CEGA Innovations LLC (Sioux Falls, SD). The MuV system is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce patient stress and the physical toll on hospital workers during patient transfer, reducing workplace injuries and increasing efficiencies and reimbursement criteria. Entry submitted by and supply and design credit to Kablooe Design (Blaine, MN).


RENASYS Soft Port. Manufactured and submitted by Smith & Nephew Inc. (St. Petersburg, FL). RENASYS Soft Port offers patient comfort and increased placement versatility (for difficult wound locations), and functions when folded or kinked. Due to the soft construction, the risk of pressure sores may be reduced. Supply and design credit to Ximedica (Providence, RI).

SmartSite VialShield closed-vial access device. Manufactured and submitted by Yukon Medical LLC (Research Triangle Park, NC). The SmartSite VialShield is a needle-free closed system transfer device that protects clinicians from exposure to hazardous drugs during drug preparation and administration. It is designed to optimize safety, simplify care, and minimize costs. Supply and design credit to Gilero Biomedical Research (Triangle Park, NC), and Industrie BORLA S.p.A. (Moncalieri, Torino, Italy). 

Drug-Delivery Devices and Combination Products Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products


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