MDEA 2014 Finalists: Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

Posted in Design Services by Chris Wiltz on April 1, 2014

 MDEA 2014 Finalists: Dental Instruments, Equipment,  and Supplies

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies 

Bluephase Style | Digit Power dispenser | Solea | Zoom!


Bluephase Style curing light featuring Polywave LED. Manufactured and submitted by Ivoclar Vivadent AG (Schaan, Liechtenstein). Bluephase Style is a cordless high-performance LED curing light that polymerizes all light-curing dental materials. Its ergonomic and compact design enables it to fit comfortably into the user’s hand. Supply and design credit to Rigami Design (Diepoldsau, Switzerland).



Digit Power dispenser for Aquasil Ultra Cordless tissue managing impression system. Manufactured and submitted by Dentsply International, LD Caulk Division (Milford, DE). The Digit Power dispenser enables dentists to precisely place Aquasil Ultra Cordless impression material directly into the sulcus. This system minimizes work time violations and the use of retraction cord while providing significant time savings. Supply and design credit to Nordson EFD LLC (East Providence, RI) and Key Tech (Baltimore). 
Solea CO₂ dental laser system for hard and soft tissue. Manufactured by Convergent Dental Inc. (Natick, MA). Entry submitted by HERNETICS (Chelsea, MA). At 9.3 μm, Solea is the first CO₂ laser system ever cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue ablation. Solea is fast, precise, virtually noiseless, and anesthesia-free for the vast majority of procedures. Supply and design credit to HERNETICS (Chelsea, MA), Tischler Resources (Acton, MA), and Sachem Engineering, R&D (Arlington, MA). 
Zoom! Teeth Whitening System. Manufactured by Discus Dental Philips Oral Healthcare (Culver City, CA). Entry submitted by DeviceLab Inc. (Tustin, CA). Zoom! will change teeth color up to eight shades within 45 minutes. It has settings to avoid unpleasant feelings during and after the process. Supply and design credit to DeviceLab Inc. (Tustin, CA) and Solid Concepts (Valencia, CA). 
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