MDEA 2014: Best-In-Show Award Winner

Posted in Design Services by MDDI Staff on June 11, 2014

MDEA 2014 Finalists: Best-In-Show Award Winner

Best-In-Show Award Winner


The Best-In-Show Award honors the most innovative product submissions. The winner embodies the principles of the MDEA program by excelling in areas of design and engineering excellence; manufacturing and technological innovation; clinical efficacy; cost-effectiveness; as well as overall benefits to patients, end-users and the healthcare industry. 

The 2014 Best-In-Show Award winner is:



AtomoRapid HIV (1&2) integrated rapid antibody test. Manufactured and submitted by Atomo Diagnostics Pty Ltd. (Sydney, Australia). AtomoRapid HIV is the first integrated rapid test for detection of HIV 1&2 using blood. It replaces the need for existing test kits with multiple items that are complicated to use, thus reducing the inherent error rates found when using kits in the field. Supply and design credit to ide group (Newington, Australia).


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