MarSurf LD 130 and 260 Surface Measurement Instruments by Mahr Federal

Posted by Chris Wiltz on November 12, 2012

A company offers systems for combined surface and contour measurement that feature travel lengths of 130 mm and 260 mm, respectively. The MarSurf LD 130 and 260 have maximum travel speeds of 200 mm/sec and measuring speeds up to 10 mm/sec to keep cycle times short. The company’s metrology systems also feature a biomimetic probe arm with magnetic mounting, which has been redesigned to place the tip in a position that improves the probe’s accessibility and thus expands the range of measuring applications. Other system enhancements include measuring program–specific automatic probe recognition, the introduction of dynamic measuring force for greater flexibility, and a reduced residual noise signal, resulting in a roughness error of no more than 20 nm Rz. A lighter-weight probe offering the same rigidity as before allows the probe to exhibit high dynamic response for optimized tracking of critical part surfaces, such as those associated with knee and hip implants.
Mahr Federal Inc.
Providence, RI

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