LPL2 Solenoid Pump From The Lee Co.

Posted in Pumps by Chris Wiltz on October 29, 2012


A new inert solenoid pump has been engineered to offer design flexibility and cost economies to medical device manufacturers. The pump’s distinctive port-head design allows tubing connections and manifold mounting that enable the designer to test the fluidic system using connections to soft 1⁄16-in. tubing. Once the system design is finalized, the same pump can be manifold-mounted by means of standard O-rings. The LPL2 pump additionally has a contoured end cap that is compatible with standard AMP electrical connectors, providing secondary connector retention. Consuming just 2.5 W in 12- or 24-V-dc operation, it has a standard dispense volume of 50 µl ±6% per shot, although other volumes are available.
The Lee Co.
Westbrook, CT


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