Intertronics Biocompatible Adhesives

Posted in Medical Adhesives by Chris Wiltz on August 30, 2012

A manufacturer of industrial adhesive products produces a two-component, silver filled, electrically conductive epoxy for chip and substrate bonding. Polytec PT EC101 can be cured below 100°C and still have a volume resistivity of 1-2 x 10^-3 Ω-cm. The special chemistry of this epoxy also allows rapid cure cycles at higher temperatures. EC101 features fast curing (60 min at 95°C to 40 sec at 180°C), a pot life at room temperature of two days, pH value of 8.5 and high temperature stability in service (-55-200°C continuous to 300°C intermittent). It also has USP Class VI biocompatibility certification, making it suitable for use in the manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

Oxfordshire, England

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