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Posted by Heather Thompson on July 23, 2012

Interview with Doug Seifert

How do you add value to your physician customers? How do you get doctors to“learn forward” in a conversation? Stop right now and take 10 seconds to think about those questions. If your answer is to offer lower pricing, you need to think again.

Let’s face the facts. Medical device sales and marketing is incredibly competitive. We’re operating in an age where it’s a dog fight just to get a few minutes of time with a physician. If you’re savvy enough to get those precious few minutes, what are you doing with them?

Doug Seifert, founder, president, and CEO of Syandus.

Are you earning the doctor’s attention? Will that physician even remember you by the end of the day?

What if you could deliver a resource that actually helps doctors learn faster, deeper, and more memorably? Something that would cause them to say, “I wish I had this in med school.” Do you think they would remember you then? Would that sort of resource help you to stand out versus your competition?

Well, Dr. Doug Seifert has developed that resource. He’s the Founder, President, and CEO of Syandus. Healthcare companies partner with Syandus to offer doctors a faster, more memorable way to improve their clinical skills, using an active “learn by doing” approach. Dr. Seifert holds a PhD in biochemical engineering from Lehigh University and a BS in biology from Bucknell University. Prior to Syandus, he led large, complex projects at Merck Research Laboratories.

In this interview with Doug Seifert, we learn how the Syandus platform can help to change physician behavior through experiential promotional learning.

What You Will Learn:

  • The challenges and problems Doug experienced that led to the creation of the Syandus platform.
  • How Doug has helped healthcare companies overcome their “technology allergies” in order to adopt the Syandus platform.
  • What does it take for physicians to change or re-evaluate their treatment approach?
  • How do experiential simulations work and why are they so much better?
  • How does the Syandus platform add value to physician interactions?
  • Why is Syandus extending their platform to patients and how did this come about?
  • Doug’s advice for ambitious medtech doers.


Listen to the podcast, "How to Get Your Physician Customers to Actually Remember You"  (right click and select "Save Link As" to download the podcast).

Download the PDF action points of the "How to Get Your Physician Customers to Actually Remember You" podcast.


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