The Future of Wound Care

Posted by mddiadmin on January 1, 2006

Originally Published MX January/February 2006


Active products represent an area of huge potential growth for medical device manufacturers.

Stuart Jackson and Jeffrey Stevens

Wound care costs the U.S. healthcare system more than $20 billion each year, including more than $4 billion spent on wound management products. Chronic and severe wounds, the most difficult wounds to heal, have been the focus of significant product innovation in recent years. Yet despite this innovation, unmet clinical and commercial needs persist.

Figure 1. The potential for advanced and active wound care therapies in the U.S. wound care market. Percentages indicate the implied penetration rate of the therapies.

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Physicians and patients are looking for improved treatment options that heal wounds effectively, minimize complications, and shorten hospital stays. The potential to reduce overall costs to the healthcare system is a further motivating factor. Now, a new class of products is emerging to better address these unmet needs.

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