Focus on Technology: Ortho Market Rockets and Stents Hold Steady

Posted by mddiadmin on December 1, 2005

Originally Published MDDI December 2005



While the coronary stent market plateaus, the orthopedic industry is expecting record growth. Companies seem to be putting endless R&D and regulatory energy into this segment. According to Frost & Sullivan, devices and procedures for reconstruction, especially for hips and knees, are dominating the industry.
Financial management firm Merrill Lynch points to several top companies that are scheduled to gain FDA approval for artificial disks within the next few years. Spinal products and procedures, along with orthobiologicals and bone grafts, could quickly surpass other segments of the orthopedic industry.

Coronary stent market

During the third quarter of 2005, companies in the U.S. drug-eluting stent market reported sales growth of just 3%, according to Merrill Lynch. Industry estimates indicate that the $3.5 billion U.S. market will remain steady through 2009.

The U.S. coronary stent market percentage shares for leading companies. Figures for 2005–2009 are estimated. Source: Merrill Lynch.

Market share for bone grafts and orthobiologicals. The total market was approximately $804 million in 2004 and is estimated to reach $1.627 billion by 2008. Source: Merrill Lynch.
Revenue projections for companies in the arthroscopy market (in $ millions). Numbers for 2005–2008 are estimated. Source: Merrill Lynch.
Revenue projections for leading companies in the reconstructive orthopedic market (in $ millions). Numbers for 2005–2008 are estimated. Source: Merrill Lynch.
Revenues for the bone stimulation market (in $ millions) are estimated for 2005–2008. Source: Merrill Lynch.
Projected revenues (in $ millions) for the spinal market, 2005–2008. Figures do not include orthobiologicals. Source: Merrill Lynch.

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