A Focus on the Target

Posted by mddiadmin on November 1, 2004

Originally Published MX November/December 2004


Interview by Steve Halasey

No one likes to be caught trying to predict the future, but sometimes the signs are just too strong to resist. That's certainly the case for Proxima Therapeutics Inc. (Alpharetta, GA), a privately held medical device company that develops, manufactures, and distributes products for postsurgical radiation treatment of cancer.

In less than 10 years, Proxima has grown from one good idea and one full-time employee to a company with attractive products poised to change the standard of care in two surgical fields. The company's two current products are already considered technological and clinical leaders. The GliaSite radiation therapy system is designed to treat newly diagnosed, metastatic, and recurrent brain tumors by delivering radiation from within the cavity created by the surgical removal of the tumor. The MammoSite radiation therapy system delivers partial-breast irradiation in conjunction with breast conservation therapy.

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