Fischer Connectors - Miniature Connectors

Posted in Electronic Components by Chris Wiltz on July 9, 2012

A designer, manufacturer, and distributer of connectors and cable assemblies has unveiled a new connector for smaller devices. The Fischer MiniMax is an all-in-one 20 signal (0.5A) and 4 power (5A) connector with a patents-pending 24 mixed contacts. It has a durability of over 500 mating cycles. It is designed for the harshest environments, passing extreme temperature tests and 1000 hours of salt water spray. The new connector will help customers by applying new connections into a smaller space. The connector itself is about the width of a push-pin and can be used in medical applications in which space and cost are concerns. The MiniMax is available in three latching systems: push-pull, breakaway and screw lock.

Fischer Connectors
Saint Prex, Switzerland


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