EPGL Medical Invents Self-Powered Contact Lenses for Medical Applications

Posted in Research and Development by Chris Wiltz on August 1, 2013

Medical device manufacturer EPGL has announced that it has invented the world's first self powered, self contained, power source for contact lenses. The self-perpetuating power source does not require an external energy source. EPGL was previously profiled in MD+DI for its Topspin technology, which the company claims will become a bioMEMs platform for medical device development. The company plans to license its newest contact lens technology to companies that are developing data display for contact lenses.

David Markus, VP of bioMEMS development at EPGL says, "Using cutting edge technology, EPGL has invented a self perpetuating power source for lenses which does not require external energy such as RF. The market for contact lenses as information data display devices is just beginning and will be a natural extension of new wearable data devices such as Google Glass."

Among various uses powered contact lenses are being investigated for realtime data display for doctors and patients, potentially providing a heads up display of medical data such as blood sugar level, oxygen level, heart rate, and EKG. The technology is also being explored for drug delivery and therapeutic applications.

EPGL declined to release product images for proprietary reasons.  


-Chris Wiltz, Associate Editor, MD+DI

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Exclusive Development Agreement EPGL & COO

Not sure if many people have seen this filing but it looks like Google & Novartis now have some serious competition.

EP Global Communications, Inc. (EPGL) and CooperVision, Inc. (CooperVision) have signed an exclusive Development Agreement for advanced ophthalmic and medical technologies. CooperVision is a market leader in the manufacturing and marketing of contact lenses. The Cooper Companies recently completed the acquisition of Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Limited for approximately $1.2 Billion Dollars