An Entrepreneur-Turned-Billionaire's 12 Rules For Startups (infographic)

Posted in Medical Device Business by Arundhati Parmar on December 9, 2013

These deceptively simple principles as expounded by an entrepreneur-turned-billionare and investor provide the philiosophical backbone to many sucessful startup. 

The business world is replete with advice for startups - everything from how you should pitch a venture capital firm to how to approach an acquirer, and from how to design a product to how to market it.

But when you come right down to it, the rise or fall of startup firms is as likely to be the result of broad philosopical principles as much as specific operating actions taken over time. The former make up the 12 rules that billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban came up with. They are deceptive in their very simplicity.

Some time ago, Entrepreneur magazine turned it into a nifty infographic. Here it is below. I especially like Rule 2 and Rule 11. 


 [Photo Credit: user mightyisland]

-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI


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