Digital Health Dominates CES 2014: 3 Trends to Watch - #2

Posted in Mobile Health by Chris Wiltz on January 9, 2014

#2 - Aging in Place Solutions

This year the first generation of Baby Boomers will be turning 68. Most people can tell you a funny story about trying to teach your parents or grandparents how to use the Internet. Yet AARP reports that eight in 10 of its members own a computer, tablet, or e-reader. And a 2012 AARP survey of seniors over the age of 50 found that 36% of those surveyed reported being “extremely or very comfortable” with technology.
“Seniors and retirees are looking for options to receive assisted care they need in a way that they don't have to overly sacrifice their independence or standard of living,” Korry says. And electronics companies are seeing the potential in capturing a market that is tech savvy, but also increasingly in need of healthcare solutions. CES 2014 will mark the unveiling of healthcare products for supporting increased social engagement, injury prevention, even early detection and treatment of chronic diseases among seniors.
MobileHelp is introducing the Celluar DUO, a personal emergency response system targeted at seniors and is capable of automatic fall detection. The DUO operates on AT&T's cellular network, ensuring patient safety in the absence of a land line. It will also work in conjunction with MobileHelp's just-announced MobileHelp Connect online portal which provides patients and their families and caregivers with the ability to virtually track patient activity levels, medication adherence, and trends over time.
A&D Medical, a manufacturer of biometric monitoring solutions, has unveiled its Connected Wellness platform which connects A&D devices, including weight scales and blood pressure monitors, via Bluetooth Smart – enabling patients to monitor their health across multiple devices on a Android or iOS smartphone. Terry Duesterhoeft, president and CEO of A&D Medical, says the Wellness Connect platform is a direct response to how “rising healthcare costs and an increase in the incidence of chronic disease are driving individuals and organizations to find and incorporate tools that support a healthier lifestyle.”
Siemens Healthcare scored a Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honor at CES this year with its miniTek, a device that can remotely connect a patient's hearing aid to phones, TV, music players, and other audio devices via Bluetooth. An accompanying Android-based app allows users to control their hearing aid's volume.
Siemens's award-winning miniTek allows patients with hearing aids to connect to various devices around the home and office.

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