Bioaborable Polymer from Poly-Med Inc. (MD&M West Exhibitor)

Posted in Medical Plastics by Chris Wiltz on February 8, 2013

A lactide-based bioabsorbable polymer is part of a company’s suite of proprietary customized polymers. Lactoprene SMC7 maintains an extended mass loss profile of one to two years based on the final device construct, and enables constructs to retain strength for much longer than typical glycolide-based absorbable materials. A copolymer composed of FDA-accepted monomers, it has a long shelf life and can be extruded into a variety of constructions. The material is used in such medical devices and applications as sutures, meshes, and coatings that are best made from a longer-term absorbable.

Poly-Med Inc.
Anderson, SC
Poly-Med Inc. will be exhibiting at MD&M West in Booth #731


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