Best Companies to Work For: Atricure

Posted by Heather Thompson on May 26, 2011

West Chester, OH

The seed of an exceptional company to work for can sprout even before an employee starts at a firm. Michael R. Wirtz was an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati when he began as a manufacturing engineer in 2007 and then a biomedical engineer in 2008 at AtriCure. The work with AtriCure allowed Wirtz to start his own company, Single Port Solutions LLC, through an academic project.

President: David J. Drachman

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Key Products: CryoICE cryoablation system, Lumitip dissector System, Isolator bipolar linear pens, AtriClip LAA exclusion

Annual Revenues: $59 million

After obtaining a graduate degree in biomedical engineering, in 2010, Atricure offered him a position as senior clinical ablation specialist.

Wirtz points to an environment of shared learning, interaction, and positive results. “The management team of AtriCure strives to not only develop the best technologies for the surgical community, but takes pride in rewarding its employees for distinguished work and commitment,” he says.

AtriCure’s platform technology is microablation. For example, its cryoICE cryo-ablation probe is intended for use in the cryosurgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Mike Wirtz is a senior clinical ablation specialist for Atricure
Michael R. Wirtz

Wirtz is special, says Bob Ward, Atricure's vice president of human resources. Its rare that an intern would parlay into a leadership role at a medical device company. But part of being a successful place to work is recognizing talent. "Mike is a unique talent," says Ward.

Atricure prides itself on its start-up mentality, "which is a little funny considering how long we've been around," says Ward. But that point of view enables the company to move quickly and respond to the needs of its customers. "We thrive on change and some may call it a bit chaotic, but we have the opportunity to make a difference," he says.

At Atricure's offices, Ward says you'll find very few doors. "We have to be able to move fast and that means there should be a lot of space of individual thinking."

Still, Ward says the model is not for every type of person, even in the medical device field. "We are not a typical company, but our purpose is clear—we offer employees the opportunity to help others and prolong lives." In addition, Ward points to the fact that the company feels very close to being able to offer profitability. "We are very close to the carrot," he says.



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