Best Companies to Work For: DePuy Mitek Inc.

Posted by tblair on May 27, 2011

DePuy Mitek Inc.

Raynham, MA

Members of the DePuy Mitek R&D group work together during a team building exercise. Photo courtesy DePuy Mitek. 

DePuy Mitek Inc. is known for its global leadership position in orthopedics sports medicine but has a lot to offer when it comes to keeping employees motivated, too. DePuy Mitek’s strong employee performance comes from the sheer dedication of its workers. The company has workers who have been on board since the organization’s inception—before it was acquired by Johnson & Johnson. “That tenure leads to an interesting mix of history, so we haven’t lost sight of where we’ve come from, but we’ve also sprinkled it with some extraordinary talent that has allowed the culture to grow [to its] potential,” says Ian Lawson, president of DePuy Mitek. He credits the company’s progress directly to employee work ethic and the environment of openness and transparency.

Many of the perks that drive employee performance are the activities that happen outside the realm of daily work. In addition to a fully staffed gym and nutrition and weight-loss clinics, DePuy Mitek has summer fitness boot camps and intramural leagues for sports.

Continuing education plays a significant role in employee advancement

President: Ian Lawson

Employees: 300 (in Raynham, MA)

Key Products: Devices for sports medicine, and tissue and joint repair

Annual Revenue: N/A (Part of DePuy Companies)

as well. As part of the DePuy companies of Johnson & Johnson, many internal training and developmental courses are offered. A tuition assistance program is available to help workers who desire university-level or MBA courses. Given the location of DePuy Mitek, employees can take advantage of prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT.

The firm aligns employee goals with its mission so workers understand their place beyond their individual company roles. It encourages workers to get into the field and talk to customers to learn how the company’s products are helping patients. Doing so motivates them to invest in their own development at the company.

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