Best Companies to Work For: B. Braun Medical Inc.

Posted by Jamie Hartford on May 26, 2011

B. Braun Inc.
Bethlehem, PA

B. Braun must be doing something right. Nationally, median employee tenure, the length of time workers have been with their current employer, is just 4.4 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At B. Braun, average tenure stretches more than a decade.

Employees at B. Braun’s manufacturing facility in Allentown, PA. Photo courtesy of B. Braun Medical Inc.

Carla Carpenter fits the profile. The director of market research and customer experience has been with B. Braun, which manufactures infusion therapy and pain management products, since 1988. She attributes her longevity with the company to a number of factors: great people, fulfilling work, and opportunities for professional development.

CEO: Caroll H. Neubauer, (B. Braun of America and B. Braun Medical Inc.

Size: 5,789 (B. Braun USA)

Key Products: Outlook ES Safety Infusion System, Space Infusion Pump System, DoseTrac Infusion Management Software Duplex Drug Delivery System, Introcan Safety IV Catheter, PINNACLE TPN Management System, Excel Partial Additive Bag, ONGUARD Contained Medication System, Caresite Luer Access Device, Ultrasite Needle-free IV System, Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution and Gel with PHMB (Polyhexanide)

Annual Revenue: $1.264 billion (net sales)

“The company is very much behind development for each of the employees, from executive leadership on down,” Carpenter says. “Each year, you have to set forth with a manager a professional development plan laying out what your goals are for the year, whether it be taking a class, attending a seminar, or going outside the company for something like a weeklong workshop.”

Employees can receive reimbursements through an educational assistance program after six months of service. The company also recognizes team members who pass on their knowledge, through yearly awards for sharing expertise. Taking its commitment to education even further, B. Braun gives $500 scholarships to employees’ children who complete their freshmen year of college.

For the health-conscious, the company offers blood pressure, stroke, and thyroid screenings; free health club access; and weekly yoga classes. Employees who are sore or stressed can schedule a weekly on-site massage. Additional benefits include a 3.5% 401(k) match and a phased retirement option, allowing workers to reduce their hours before they ride off into the sunset padded by the B. Braun Medical Inc. pension plan, which places a percentage of employees’ earnings into an interest-bearing account.

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