A220-ADM16 Acrylic In-Line Check Valve by NP Medical

Posted in Valves by Chris Wiltz on November 26, 2012

A company that developes and produces drug and fluid access devices and components for the OEM healthcare market has developed an in-line check valve suited for medical device applications such as infusion therapy and enteral feeding. The A220-ADM16 acrylic valve features a preloaded, normally closed latex-free silicone diaphragm that allows flow in one direction while preventing flow in the opposite direction. Composed of a sonically bonded, DEHP-free, thermoplastic body and an elastomeric diaphragm, the valve provides an opening pressure of 0.05 bar with consistent flow characteristics. Fully tested for back pressure and cracking pressure, it withstands a minimum internal air pressure of 3.1 bar with no visible signs of leakage. Manufactured in a Class 100,000 cleanroom in ISO 13485–certified facilities under CGMP guidelines, the valve is made from USP Class VI–approved materials and fits 3.4-mm-OD tubing.

NP Medical
Clinton, MA



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